Q :-What is the meaning of Broadband?
Ans:-It is a high speed internet constant connectivity with minimum download speed of 512 kbps.

Q :- What is the minimum broadband speed?
Ans:-Earlier as per the Broadband Policy 2004 minimum broadband speed was 256 kbps but According
to National Telecom Policy 2012 it has been revised to 512 kbps.

Q :- What is Radiionet service?
Ans:-Radiionet is one of the product of Iriisnet Communication Pvt ltd.In this service we provide high speed broadband
through wireless with the radio technology

Q :- What is Fiibernet service?
Ans:-Fiibernet is one of the product of Iriisnet. Iriisnet has deployed huge (FTTX) Fiber based network in many societies and projects Where
fiibernet service is available.

Q:-What is Digi-C?
Ans:-Digi-c is Digital Tv service offered by the Iriisnet in selective societies.

Q:-What is Tring-tel?
Ans:- Tring-tel is the phone services offered by the Iriisnet.Iriisnet has tied up with the BSO’s to provide this facility to
end customers.

Q:- What is Biiznet?
Ans:- Biiznet is the special service which provide B2B solutions,customized high speed internet plans, Lease line plans
End to end solutions, point to point connectivity,VPN connectivity and Trun key solutions to corporate/enterprises.

Q:-What is static IP:
Ans:-A static IP address is a set of Numerics and DOTS. It is provided to a computer by an (ISP)Internet service provider
to be its constant address on the Internet IP addresses helps the computers to locate and talk to each other on the Internet,

Q:-How will you install the Radiionet broadband connection?
Ans:-Iriisnet will install CPE (wireless device) on the roof top/Balcony which will receive the internet signal from the INCPL NOC as
per the plan opted by the client.

Q:-Will I have to return the CPE and in future at the time of surrendering the link.
Ans:-Yes,CPE is the property of the Iriisnet Communication Pvt ltd which is instllad to customer end to provide the services.
In case CPE not received back or if returned back in Damage/non working condition 1500 Rs will be charged.

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